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How does nail fungus develop?

Do I have nail fungus?

How do the Nailner products work?

How does Nailner Brush 2 IN 1 work?

Are Nailner products also effective against white nails?

How long and how often do I have to use Nailner products?

Will the infection spread to my healthy nails by using the same Nailner Pen or Brush?

Are Nailner products safe to use for children?

Are Nailner products safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

What are the ingredients of Nailner Products?

Can I use nail polish while using Nailner?

Can I use Nailner in combination with other products?

I am using Nailner. How long does it take before my nails are presentable again?

What can I do to prevent nail fungus?

How many Nailner Pens, Sprays or Brushes do I need to complete a treatment?

How do I know when the Nailner Pen is empty?

Will Nailner Spray affect the skin around my nails?

What can I do if I mistakenly spray on my legs or other parts?

Can the spray cause stains on surfaces/textils?

From what distance do I need to apply Nailner Spray?

Can I use Nailner Spray on my hands?

How can I use Nailner pen if I cannot reach my toes?

What shall I do if I get Nailner in my eyes?